An endpoint is any function, code segment or code point that is traced by Graphsignal. Endpoints represent interfaces between components or services, e.g. API endpoints.


A trace represents a single execution within an application, e.g. inference, with details such as duration and resource utilization. If profiling was active for the inference, the trace includes information about individual method calls, operators and compute kernels (depends on the profiler). In case of exception, the trace will contain exception information.


Metrics show different aspects of execution in time. Graphsignal provides trace, system and data metrics.


All traces are measured, but only a few are recorded to ensure low overhead. Which traces are recorded is decided by the sampling algorithm.


The process of generating method/operator level statistics for an inference. Graphsignal has several built-in profilers that can be used based on the language and framework.


Graphsignal agent is a module that is integrated into applications and scripts. It exposes tracing API, computes performance and data statistics, and uploads data to Graphsignal servers.