A deployment as a separate version of an application running in an environment, e.g stage, production, canary. Deployments can contain multiple traced operations on multiple worker nodes.


An operation is any function, event or action that is traced by Graphsignal. Operations represent interfaces between components or services, e.g. request handlers, API endpoints, or other significant functions.


A trace represents a graph of operations or events in context of user request, AI agent run or model inference, with details such as timeline, errors, data, and resource utilization.


Metrics show different aspects of execution and data in time. Graphsignal provides performance, system, data, and cost metrics.


Profiling allows recording code-level and kernel-level execution statistics. Graphsignal can use various profilers to enrich traces.


Graphsignal tracer is a module that is integrated into applications and scripts. It exposes tracing API, computes performance and data statistics, and uploads data to Graphsignal servers.