Observability for AI stack

Trace, monitor, and debug production AI agents and LLM-powered applications.

  • Sign up for a free account to get an API key.

  • Add Graphsignal to any AI application.

  • Analyze performance, data, issues, and costs.

Natively supported frameworks and libraries

OpenAIAzureLangChainHugging FacePyTorchNumPy

The AI-native observability platform

Application tracing

Trace requests and runs with full AI context.

Latency analysis

See latency breakdown by operations.

Cost tracking

Analyze model API costs for deployments, models, or users.

Error tracking

Get notified about errors and anomalies.

System monitoring

Monitor API, compute, and GPU utilization.

Team access

Collaborate during incidents for faster resolution.

Get to full visibility in minutes