Production Model Monitoring

Continuously evaluate machine learning model performance to resolve issues and improve models.

  • Sign up for a free account to get an API key.

  • Log predictions, errors and ground truth using our Python logger.

  • Analyze data and receive alerts on data and model issues.

Model Performance Monitoring

Ensure model performance in production and reduce troubleshooting time.

Data monitoring
Monitor offline and online predictions for data validity and anomalies, data drift, concept drift, and more.
Model performance monitoring
Monitor model performance for binary, categorical and numeric models and data segments.
Automatic issue detection
Graphsignal automatically detects and notifies on issues in data and models, no need to manually setup and maintain complex alerting rules.
Any scale and data size
Graphsignal only sends data statistics allowing it to scale with your application and data.
Model framework and deployment agnostic
Monitor models serving online, in streaming apps, accessed via APIs or offline, running batch predictions.
Data privacy
No raw data is sent to Graphsignal cloud, only data statistics and metadata. On-premise version is available for full privacy.

Technology and platform agnostic model monitoring

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