What is Graphsignal

Graphsignal is an observability platform for AI agents and LLM-powered applications. It helps developers ensure AI applications run as expected and users have the best experience. With Graphsignal, developers can:

  • Trace generations, runs, and sessions with full AI context.
  • Score any user interactions and application execution.
  • See latency breakdowns and distributions.
  • Analyze model API costs for deployments, models, or users.
  • Get notified about errors and anomalies.
  • Monitor API, compute, and GPU utilization.

How it works

Graphsignal tracer is added to application code. It automatically measures and records runs and operations in single-run scripts as well as long running server applications.

Graphsignal measures latency, throughput, data, compute, GPUs and costs.

After recording, the performance data is sent to Graphsignal servers, post-processed and is ready to be analyzed at This allows Graphsignal to run in any environment without the need to install any additional software.

Getting started

  • Sign up for an account.
  • See the Quick Start guide on how to add Graphsignal to your application.