Chroma Tracing And Monitoring

See the Quick Start guide on how to install and configure Graphsignal.

Graphsignal automatically instruments and monitors Chroma library. All main commands are automatically traced and monitored.

  • collection.add()
  • collection.update()
  • collection.upsert()
  • collection.delete()
  • collection.get()
  • collection.query()

Besides reporting latency, throughput, and data metrics, Graphsignal also records Chroma-specific information, such as document samples, embedding statistics, and distances.

When Chroma is used as part of a LangChain application or tracing has been added manually using graphsignal.start_trace() or @graphsignal.trace_function(), Chroma traces will also appear in context of runs and/or requests, depending on the use case.


The LangChain Chroma app example illustrates how to add and configure the Graphsignal tracer.